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Migrant Bridging Program

The one stop educational solution for migrants 


Bridgewiz is an exclusive one-on-one online tutoring program that caters to the specific requirements of individuals or families looking to settle in Australia.


For Children

The program that helps children transition smoothly to the Australian School System



The main objective of this program is to familiarise your child with the needs and demands of the Australian curriculum before they actually start school in their new homeland. The program will enable them to quickly adjust to the nature and pace of the Australian school system. The coverage includes grades 4-12 in English, Math and Science. On completion, we also offer regular coaching support through the year with our expert tutors.


For Adults


The program that helps achieve your targeted level of English proficiency for the visa application and professional requirements


This comprehensive program prepares you to ace the IELTS, CAE or PTE exam and achieve the targeted English language proficiency level for your Visa. Our expert tutors provide intensive guidance, support and resources to help you achieve your goals. We also provide extensive specialist sessions that will help you develop written and communication skills tailored for the business or employment opportunities you wish to explore in Australia.

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