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headSTART 2022

Give your child the edge

Our term break and summer program help children focus on areas they want to have an edge in when school term starts. It may be some focussed guidance on weak areas or extensions to challenge and get better during the break period. This program provides focussed cover and DOES NOT rob the child of the precious break they deserve after a school term!

Program Features:

  • One on one – online personalised coaching

  • Pre_program student profiling and assessment for a tailored learning plan

  • Aligned to Victorian curriculum syllabus and requirements

  • High quality tutors

  • Focused tracking and reporting of progress

  • Tailored dossiers per student at the end of the program

  • 2x Student lead conferences –mid term and end of program

  • Virtual whiteboards over Google meet with virtual classroom portal for assignments and homework.

  • 2x graded tests for each subject (mid term and end of program).

  • Headstart students get a 20% discount to the annual tutoring program

Program Benefits:​

  • Give your child a head start  over their peers when term starts

  • Resolve  weak areas and concepts during term break

  • Reduce stress and anxiety over the year.

  • Help your child gain confidence in the subject

  • Build the momentum for the term.

  • Understand key strategies to implement for your child when school starts.

  • Get close attention and guidance from friendly and qualified study-buddies​

Program Details​:

  • Duration: 10 sessions of 1 hr each per subject

  • Syllabus: Key concepts from the next grade syllabus

  • Subjects covered: Math, Science(Physics, Chemistry, Biology), English*

  • Grades covered: 4-12

  • Cost: 1 subject ($349), 2 subjects ($649), 3 subjects ($899), 4 subjects ($1099)

  • Start Date: 4 Jan 2022

*English will be offered for only grades 4-9

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