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Committed to make a difference to your child's learning.

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Our Story

Tutewiz is an online tutoring service providing one on one lessons to students (using a mentor-buddy approach). We coach children in English, Maths and Science. We prepare students for for NAPLAN, Scholarships and Selective Schools in Australia. ​

Our unique approach includes personal profiling, periodic assessments, doubt resolution, parent connects, performance dossiers and coaching plans. Our tutors are carefully selected and are specialists in their areas. We believe that all children are unique and need to be helped and guided on their exciting journey through school. We believe that personalized coaching in authentic learning contexts where students are encouraged to become active, experiential, and autonomous learners yields the best learning outcomes.


Tutewiz is founded by individuals who have actively mentored, guided, and tutored children (including their own) over several years. We carry rich experience in harnessing the potential of children by guiding them to strengthen their strengths and weaken their weaknesses.

All founders come from an education and edutech background and carry a deep understanding of pedagogical principles and practices.

We are passionate about learning. Experience the difference of learning with Tutewiz by enrolling your child in our programs today.

Meet the Management Team

Tutewiz founders  are a group of senior professionals from the Education and Technology domains. We have vast industry experience with over 50 years of combined experience in edTech, IT and digital media. Based out of Melbourne, we share a passion for making students succeed in meeting the needs of their curriculum. 

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Girish Gopalakrishnan

CEO, Founder

A passionate educationist with over 20+ years in education, Girish has worked extensively with the Department of Education and Training, Victoria. He has advised several government initiatives in technology, policy and strategy. Girish leads the overall strategic direction of the Tutewiz business.

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Viplav Baxi

Chief Learning Officer, Co-Founder

Author WhatIfEDU, Viplav is an education expert with a career spanning nearly three decades. He has worked across the edTech spectrum from K12 to Higher Ed to Corporate Learning, Publishing and Test Preparation. Read more of his work at

Viplav manages student profiling, pedagogic alignment, and delivery for all 1:1 sessions delivered at Tutewiz.  

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Ravinder Verma

Chief Business Officer, Co-Founder

Over 15 years of experience creating, handling, and promoting Educomp’s SmartClass project across the globe has provided Ravinder with the ability to produce systems that make a difference. It helps him build systems that enable a teacher and student to synchronize and optimize education. Ravin leads all sales, operational, and other educational initiatives at Tutewiz.

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Govinda Alwani

Chief Technology Officer, Co-Founder

Govinda leads all technology architecture and development work at He has architected and developed 50+ high-performance, scalable cloud-based enterprise platforms prior to joining Tutewiz.

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Akansha Arora

Lead-Operations and HR

Akansha leads all operational, tutor recruitment, onboarding, and session management at Tutewiz.

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Yudhvir Yadav

Head - Sales

Yudhvir is a enthusiastic and optimistic sales professional with over five years of experience as a sales manager for education technology solutions. Skilled at developing and maintaining client relationships and highly committed and passoinate to achieve goals.

What Parents Say

Very Professional and great tutors. Tutors explains the concept and work on it till my kid understands.. 1:1 teaching worked wonders with my kid for both Maths and English. Monthly feedback and reports helped us to concentrate on area's for her to improve.. she improved her speed in maths and also her writings in English.. Open classes for scholarship in the weekend is great initiative. i would strongly recommend to any parents looking for scholarship coaching or general tutoring.

Start your learning journey with us

Book a FREE assessment session with our expert Tutewiz counsellors. The session will help identify specific areas of improvement for your child, and our counsellors will help recommend an appropriate way forward.

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