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Meet our Friendly Study Buddies

Our team of passionate educators are highly committed to making a positive difference to your child.

Our team consists of highly qualified and curated subject coaches. The team is trained and inducted by our specialist founding staff on core aspects of pedagogy, Australian curriculum, student profiling and dossier processes. Get in touch with us to have a chat.

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Shradha Kaul

Academic Head - Secondary English

Shradha is an accomplished educationist and author with over 20+ years of experience in education. Her work at the Department of Education and other e-learning companies has provided many insights into blended learning and digital education initiatives. She is an English language expert who teaches the intricacies of English, both spoken and written, at Tutewiz.

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Niharika Pevekar

Academic Head - Secondary Maths

Mathematics enthusiast and educator with a Masters, Niharika is a knowledge-oriented coach with a very high focus on concept clarity, mathematical visualization, and easy explanation. With over 3 years of experience in online and offline tutoring, Niharika aims at making Math easy to understand with the help of digital tools, and encourages independent thinking with extensive problem solving while maintaining a friendly environment at Tutewiz.

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Sanjana Kumar

Academic Head - Primary

A Bachelors in Business Economics and a DELF B2 in French, Sanjana has a teaching experience of 5+ years in French. She has taught and mentored people across all age groups. Discovering her passion for teaching kids, she recently took up teaching other subjects like Maths, Science and English for primary grade students as well. She prefers being a mentor and a friend to every student and aims to make each session fun and interactive. She strongly believes that building good foundational concepts is a crucial outcome to achieve in primary schooling. 

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Nusrat Fatima

Buddy - Primary Math & English

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Senior Buddy - Mathematics

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Dipak Mishra

Senior Buddy - Mathematics

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Deepti Tikko

Buddy - Primary Math & English

What Parents Say

I engaged Tutewiz for year 7 scholarship exam preparation for my son. I loved one to one coaching concept. Online coaching via Google meet and use of google classrooms and IXL for study and assessment material worked seamlessly.
I found their tutors to have thorough knowledge and good teaching skills. Tutors were successful in keeping my son engaged throughout the course. I was given frequent feedback about his progress. The thing I like about Tutewiz is that focus is also on long term skill development in studies rather than just focussing on short term goals.
I have no hesitation in recommending Tutewiz for enhancing or development of kids Mathematics and English language skills.

Buddies: Meet the Team

Start your learning journey with us

Book a FREE assessment session with our expert Tutewiz counsellors. The session will help identify specific areas of improvement for your child, and our counsellors will help recommend an appropriate way forward.

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