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2022 is here! What is your plan for your children's education?

Wouldn't you know it! The new school year is upon us, if you are in ANZ!

Most of us are winding down for the second summer break after COVID started, and its a festive mood already! With all the lockdowns and the educational fatigue, all we want to do is hang up our boots for a bit. And well-deserved too!

However, for many of us, this is the time to introspect deeply into what happened with our academic progress this year and what we need to do to make next year's outcomes much better. Here is a step by step guide to ensuring that, which does not place a heavy load on the children.

1. Assessment

The very first thing to do is to get an objective assessment done of your child's progress. Of course you have the school reports, but its time to really understand where the child stands in relation to peers across the nation, possibly internationally. So get an objective, expert assessment done as soon as possible, before the school year ends.

Over the past few years, we have interacted with many parents and teachers who have told us how important it is to assess their child's performance with their peers not just at their school, but both at national and international levels. They have told us how the results of such an assessment would give them a far more realistic understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of their children and enable them to choose better strategies to ensure the children succeed.

We know how important this can be for you, and our team has worked relentlessly over the past year to create the right assessment solution.

We are delighted to announce TalentWiz, our annual Global Talent Exam for the year 2021! The exam is open for students studying from Grade 3 to Grade 10 in Australia, New Zealand and the UAE. The test dates are 11 and 12 December 2021.

Registration is FREE. Please register your child today!

2. Counselling

Based on the assessment reports, it is important to get into a 1:1 session with an expert counsellor, who can help carve out the right plan of action. The counsellor also accounts for non-academic activities and interests. This step is crucial because it can determine your course of action over the next year. It is not just students that need to be on a plan; you will equally be a responsible partner in their learning. So make sure you know where it is you need to support and how!

Our team knows how important it is to be prepared, and we have devised a special counselling session for parents who want their children to start early and be prepared for the next year. Our counsellor conducts a 45 minute session with the child to understand the current skills, interests and learning levels. The counsellor will make an independent assessment and discuss with you how to reach the stated goals. This is a super important step! So book a counselling session today!

3. Choose a Remedial or a Head Start Program

The assessments may throw up the need to spend some part of the summer break to either cover up on some of the key concepts that were taught this year, or get a headstart to the next year's syllabus. This determination is super-critical. Learning gaps need to be fixed in time or else they will compound over the next year and the next! Similarly to build confidence for the new school term, it is equally important to understand what you will be learning in the first term of the next year. So pick a suitable learning program that your counsellor advises for your child and spend 3-4 weeks doing that program.

Choose from a bridging program or a head start program - speak with our counsellor today!

4. Choose an year long tutoring program

For many children, its advisable to get on a path where an after-school coach or tutor helps them to cope with the needs of the curriculum at school, and extends their ability to sit for competitive or standardised exams through the year. Rome wasn't built in a day, and 1:1 individualised tutoring over a longer duration if time can make all the difference! I strongly advise that you find the right tutoring partner, who can help assess and counsel at multiple points in the year - not just your child, but also you yourself in helping your child!

We have many programs available from which you can customise for your child's specific needs. Take a look and book our counsellor for a 1:1 assessment on what works best.

A little more detail about Talentwiz.

There are two variations of the exam - Core and Advanced. The Talentwiz Core Exam is largely based around the school curriculum and meant for students who are comfortable in concepts taught up to their current grade level. The Talentwiz Advanced Exam is a tougher exam, directed at students who are already ahead of the grade level that they are studying in. This exam aims to identify academically gifted students who are eligible for more intensive and advanced exam preparation.

The exam will assess skills in English and Mathematics. The English portion includes Grammar, Vocabulary and Reading skills. The Mathematics portion includes mathematical reasoning, and topics from Algebra, Geometry, Data Handling and other core areas as per the grade syllabus.

The duration of the exam will be 60 minutes and it will be conducted entirely online.

There are THREE major reasons for your child to take the Talentwiz exam.

Benchmarked Reports

A detailed performance report will guide you on where your child stands. You will be able to analyse their strengths and key areas of improvement. You shall also be able to understand the gaps in their preparation for future competitive exams and take corrective actions now! Additionally, your child's performance will be benchmarked nationally and internationally, giving you a 360 degree view of his/her performance.

One on One FREE assessments

All students will receive a personalised 1:1 assessment consultation with our expert academic counsellors. This evaluation session will result in personalised recommendations and an action plan best suited for your child to succeed in achieving his or her goals.

Over AUD$100,000 across 160 scholarships, free annual subscriptions and many more awards!

We are awarding a total of over AUD $100,000 worth of scholarships through this exam to meritorious students. As many as 160 students can qualify for up to 50% scholarship in our tutoring programs. Selected students will also be awarded an annual IXL membership and will also get free workshops in areas such as Data Science and Augmented Reality. All students will get a participation certificate. What's more, registration for the Talentwiz exams is completely FREE!

The Last Date for Registrations is 5 December 2021. Please register your child today!

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